Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Relationships are in every aspect of our personal and business lives.  Are there certain relationships that are more fun and easy for you while others that are filled with frustration, self-sacrifice, and judgments? Are there moments in your life that you feel lost and wonder whose life you are living? What if all your relationships contributed to you rather than drained you? Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her Guest, Susan Lazar Hart of Right Relationship For You, as they share dynamic tools for breakthroughs on issues that have you stuck, stymied or bewildered —with family, partners, your body, money flows, work, and most importantly with yourself. More About Susan: Susan Lazar Hart has travelled the world as a radio host, motivational speaker and co-founder of Right Relationship For You. Susan combines the tools of Access Consciousness with her real world experience as a wife, mother, life coach and relationship counselor to introduce people to a whole new possibility in their relationships with EVERYTHING. Whether you’re sorting out issues with your mate, your children, your boss, your body or even your finances…Susan Lazar Hart delivers information that is easy to understand and gets results. A favorite at women’s conferences and Natural Living Expos in Canada and the United States, Susan Lazar Hart is a crowd pleaser. Susan is an invitation to intimacy and relationships from a different point of view. Her straight-forward approach and irreverent sense of humor keeps audiences mesmerized as she shares tools that are not only simple to use, they get immediate and profound results. To Contact Laleh after the show: Email: [email protected] FB: Twitter: Linked In: