Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show How many times have you or others judged you as being elegant or not being elegant? Which one of them are real and which one of them are actually lies you have bought as real? What does living elegantly mean to you? Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her Guest, Kayla Leung as they dispel some interesting stigmas on this topic and invite you to step into the elegance of living that is truly available to you and for YOU. More About Kayla Leung: A Global Entrepreneur with expertise and talents across many industries. Kayla is currently completing her doctorate in clinical psychology and has her degree in fashion and commerce. Although Kayla Leung is undefinable, she has been a therapist, editor, contributing writer, a columnist, a fashion designer, a stylist, a jewelry designer, a blogger, a model, a marketing manager, a business consultant and so much more. With all her experience, she LOVES to facilitate more consciousness around the world. In addition to all her degrees, Kayla is an Access Consciousness ™ Certified Facilitator and the Social Media Communications Coordinator of Asia for Access Consciousness. Her empowering talents spreads across many cultures, languages, and countries across the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the UK and Europe. “How much more can we create if we start acknowledging this gift called-YOU?” To Contact Laleh after the show: Email: [email protected] FB: Twitter: Linked In: