Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Do you desire more in your business and in the world? Are you willing to take your vision of what you know could be possible and bring it to life? Would you be willing to be choose that no matter what barriers come your way? Would you like business to be different? Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her guest, Graeme Crosskill, as they share tools and resources about the benevolent entrepreneur and ways to be the leaders that bring change into the world. Graeme Crosskill has been an entrepreneur his whole life. Since the time he left school, creating businesses has been the drive in his life. Over the years Graeme has created several successful businesses from inception to the acquisition stage. However on the way, he has learned many lessons, one of those discoveries is the way to create as a benevolent entrepreneur. Graeme now travels around the world to empowers people to create and grow sustainable businesses. “If you would see your life as your business and your business as your life, then you could profit from every choice you make in every area of your life. And it would be lots of fun.” Graeme Crosskill To Contact Laleh after the show: Email: [email protected] FB: Twitter: Linked In: