Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show What if creating a business, whether it is a local one or an international one, did not have to be as complex as people have made them be? What if there are simple tools to not only create a business that can be successful but also create the global reach you are desiring to create? Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her guests, Simone Milasas and Rebecca Hulse, as they share tools and resources in creating an international business. Simone Milasas is a dynamic leader who travels the globe demonstrating how to do business from a place of joy. She has been at the forefront of cutting edge business creations and development for over a decade. She sees the joy of possibility and future and knows that there is the prospect of possibility in every choice. Simone has built many companies over her career. Currently she is the founder of Joy of Business and the Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness® which is currently in 170+ countries. Rebecca Hulse is a go-getter, risk-taking millennial entrepreneur. She is a best- selling author, a creator of magnitude, an International Speaker, a Certified Facilitator at Access Consciousness® and the manager/leader of Joy of Business. Rebcca loves shaking up the supposed hard-set paradigms kept in place and creating a future not seen before. She is the author of three books including The Energy of Receiving (her latest and 1st bestseller) and speaks to a global audience on business, leadership, consciousness, and more. To Contact Laleh after the show: Email: [email protected] FB: Twitter: Linked In: