Branding – what is it really? It may be something you already have and already being, and not even know it. I would like to introduce a much wider perspective on what branding really could be.

One mistake I see people making is when they say, ”I am not a marketer, I don’t do marketing, that is someone else’s job!” Every single person is a marketer. Any time you share anything about you, your family, your position, your company, what you believe in, and so on you are marketing you and your brand.

What if branding is part of every aspect of our personal lives, our careers, and the companies we own or work for? What if branding is everything you do every single minute of the day? Every conversation you have and every action that you take?

For me when I think of conscious branding it’s like stepping forward and sharing me with everyone and everything. Danielle Cantin, Creating Cloud Nine, described it best on the Joy of Living with Laleh Radio when she said ”conscious branding is the essence of everything you are.” It’s your thoughts, ideas, how you carry yourself in meetings and in relationships, and so much more.

If you provide any services or sell any products, it is critical that you are aware of your brand and how you share that message with others. You have to be willing to step up and be visible and share who you are, what you are offering, and what differentiates you. We are now in the era of authenticity and people choosing services and products based on what they believe they need and what they think we can offer them versus someone else. Although price is important, it is not always the only consideration. People want to relate to the person they are buying from and feel that they share similar values or beliefs.

For me being willing to be visible has really changed. Every time I think I am being visible or my products and services are visible, I realize there is a whole new level that I have not even considered yet. For example, my radio show, Joy of Living with Laleh, celebrated its one year anniversary in 2015. At first, the marketing was very specific to certain regions and age groups. I decided to expand it and found that there is much wider age group, regions, and people with broader interests that also enjoy my show. The radio brand has reached a hundred thousand people around the world getting to know me, my guests, and the tools that we share, and that said the journey is not done. The more I am willing to be visible and share my brand with others, the more fun I am having and the more tools that can be shared to empower people around the world.

So I am wondering how many of you think that you are being as visible as you could be? What if there is another level of visibility that you have not even considered?

Remember that every step counts. It is a journey of being willing to be seen, taking action to step out more and to be more visible.

What are different steps you can take to be more visible and expand your conscious brand?

One of the tools that I use with all aspects of my business is asking questions about everything.

Your business in this case, products and services, all have an energy of their own, a consciousness of their own. What if you did not have to do all the work and it was not all about you? What if your business and brand actually wanted to go to work for you?
When we include them in the questions and allow them to also become one of the contributing referral sources to us then we are actually allowing our brand to grow at a faster rate.

For example:
• (Business Name here), who can we add to the business today to get our brand to reach more people?
• Who can I talk to today to get my brand out there?
• What can I do and be today to put myself out there more?
• Who desires to know more about my radio show, services, or products?
• What invitation can I be to people that really desire to have more in their lives or business?

So what if you could look at it as being an ongoing question?

• What does my town, community, state, or country, need that (my business name here) can offer?
• What would (my business name) and I like to offer to the world?
• How much fun can (my business name) and I have today sharing our brand with others?
• What message do we want to share with others?
• How much fun can my business and I have today growing our brand?
• Have the needs for (business name here) services, products, or etc. changed?

o If so, what do we need to change? What else can we offer?

The key is to ask questions without having it all figured out. This way you allow the business and the greater universe to also provide you information and also to contribute to your targets. My personal experience asking questions is that no two days look the same. Follow the energy and see where you go, even if you get the idea to call your friend or family member. When I had the awareness, it has always led to opening a door that I never knew was available. You may also attend an event and meet someone that was exactly who you needed to expand your brand.

I recommend doing these exercise daily or at the least once a week and running with the ideas and awareness you get. How much fun can you have with it?

Now would you be willing to partner with your business every day and let every molecule of the universe contribute to it’s growth? Are you now willing to be everything you are and have the possibility to be? This is Conscious Branding.