Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show There are a million types of entrepreneurs with an endless set of traits and mindsets that allow them to see and achieve things that others can’t. But how do you really nurture the key aspects of your personality that could unleash your inner unicorn? In a world where standing out from the crowd for more than 10 seconds is becoming increasingly difficult, what if you could discover your creative edge that would keep you beyond the cutting edge? *Unicorn is a term in the investment industry, and in particular the venture capital industry, which denotes a start-up company whose evaluation has exceeded (the somewhat arbitrary) $1 billion dollars. Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her guest, Diva Diaz as they share tools to unleash the entrepreneur in YOU! Access Consciousness® facilitator and international speaker, Diva Diaz began her working career in business and economic media (Forbes, The Economist, Le Monde, The Washington Post, and more) and later business intelligence. For many years she travelled the world working and meeting with Heads of State, Ministers in Government and Blue Chip CEOs in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. However, despite what looked like success on the outside, there was always a sense of stress, failure, not being good enough and exhaustion that she could not seem to shake for Diva and her peers. This fuelled her search for a way to have as full a life as possible, one that included happiness, ease, creativity, business, money and anything else that was joyful and contributive both to her and the world. She found Access Consciousness and now travels around the globe working with Access Consciousness® and facilitating classes and workshops on what she practices daily in life and business. To Contact Laleh after the show: To Contact Laleh after the show:  [email protected]