Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Author, Kass Thomas, has created 7 Steps to Flawless Communication.  The book shares 7 easy steps to connect you to who you really are, disconnect from defensive posture and invented scenarios and engage the universe to receive and be the contribution you can truly be. Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her guest, Kass Thomas, as they share tools to create flawless communication. Kass Thomas is an author, radio personality, speaker, and Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator.  With her optimism and unwavering presence, whether entertaining guests at her boutique bed and breakfast in Rome or traveling the world with her book tour or facilitating classes Kass encourages mental, emotional and physical wellbeing on the planet. She empowers groups and individuals in the areas of communication, relationship, body language, business, and money. [email protected]