Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show One expectation set on the next generation is to have them create, invent, or build products and/or services that will be considered as something that improved our society and created change across the world. This adds a level of pressure on the youth to make sure they are not making the wrong choices. Something that most other generations never had to deal with. Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her guest, Sheel Kundu, as they discuss the challenges and choices available to the next generation. Sheel Kundu is a unique electrical engineering student who has been interested in exploring consciousness since the age of 12. Sheel believes right now the world requires people to step up and take some action to make sure the planet can be a sustainable space of living for his generation and beyond. His desire is for people to have the clarity to know that their actions can have a massive impact on the way our planet runs and will continue to run.  Choosing to create something from the space of inspiration and curiosity rather than obligation and apathy is what can truly start to create the change needed to keep this wonderful planet alive. [email protected]