Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show Do you have difficulty with certain things changing in your life? Is it your career? Your relationships with others? Is it the amount of money in your life? What if what you think is the reason things are not changing is not the real root of the problem? Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her guests, Dawn Buckley and Casey Gilger as the share tools to identify the hidden messages that may be limiting you. About Our Guests: Casey Gilger is a young entrepreneur and positive energy enthusiast. As a graduate of High Point University, Casey loves helping people and even established her own nonprofit organization in 2009 to financially and emotionally cater to families suffering with childhood cancer. Casey believes that positivity breeds positivity and has started applying this mindset to many aspects of her daily life. Dawn Salese Buckley is an international speaker and energy transformation specialist. She has spent her career consulting and educating individuals and groups, including facilitating an international graduate course for teachers and learning specialists, consulting for the United States Government in the areas of health and safety, and assisting Veterans organizations in their pursuit to change legislation. Dawn is a Certified Bars Facilitator and Body Process Practitioner for Access Consciousness®, an Ama Deus Energy Transformation Practitioner, as well as an Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master. She is grateful for all who choose to pursue greater consciousness and is delighted to share the cutting-edge, pragmatic techniques of Access Consciousness® with the world! [email protected]