If you thought differently about any situation that is occurring in your life right now, would you act differently?  Your point of view is your only limitation; it is distracting you from success.

Below is a summary of my top tips for breaking free of distractions and perceived limitations, which I shared in the fabulous book, Leaders & Legends.  Go beyond the fear, create confidence and become aware of the infinite possibilities available to you with the following:

  1. Clean up the spilled milk and move on.

When the milk is spilled it can’t go back in the carton. Think of your problems the same way. Are you focusing on what could have or should have been or done? It’s time to move on. Wipe up the mess, pour yourself another glass, or choose something else.

  1. Say no to conclusions.

The most common mistake we all make is to define in advance how things will turn out. Always remain open to the infinite possibilities that every situation contains. Ask yourself or your team to pull out a white sheet of paper and ask “if you had no fears or limitations, what would you create”? You will be amazed at the creative ideas that come your way when you forgo the drama and let go of the worst-case scenarios.

  1. Don’t drive in circles.

The way we drive to work – our mind on a thousand other things, hardly aware of our surrounding and additional information – is too often the way we drive many decisions in our life, both large and small. To create anything new requires change. It is the only way to turn in a different direction. Otherwise you’re doing nothing but living in circles all the time, and getting the same results.

  1. Carry no one’s bags but your own.

When the weight of the world has you down, look to see whose bags are strapped on your back. We can only make the best decisions for ourselves – not for our spouse or children, our boss or co-workers. Ask people questions and share other possibilities with people, while honoring their own decisions whether you think they are right or wrong. Creating a space of honoring others, also provides space for people to have choice and explore other options that may work best for them. Your judgment of right or wrong may shut them down.

  1. Celebrate Every Step — Forward & Back.

We are always looking to improve our businesses and ourselves. Sometimes people limit themselves when all they focus on is what they perceive as being “successful” based on their goals. Recognizing something that did not work for you or your business is also something to celebrate. Acknowledge what is and ask, “What have I not explored here? Who can I talk to or what information can I get that would create something more for me and my business?”

  1. Honor your differences.

In what ways are you different? Was there a time when you concealed your difference and wanted to be like everyone else? A key to any business and relationship is you honoring you for who you are and the different ways you think, act, and create your life. Did you know that some of the most senior executives, the ones who are willing to take significant risks, report that at some time in their past they were labeled with ADD, ADHC, Dyslexia, and other perceived ‘disorders’? Every person has a special gift and offers something unique to the world. Discover what you enjoy doing the most, follow your heart, and do it the way only you can!

  1. Great Ideas for Now or Later?

All of us have great ideas for our businesses, for new adventures and for our lives! Sometimes, we are so excited about these ideas that we think we have to find a way to implement them instantly. Remember that not all ideas are meant to be put into action in the first moment they occur. Create a notes section or record a voice memo on your smart phone to track all your great ideas. Prioritize them by asking which one would be most useful to implement and when?

  1. Have you laughed today?

Researchers report that laughter might actually be the best medicine after all! They have found that laughter helps improve high blood pressure, reduces stress, and improves overall health. Most of us experience some level of stress in our personal and business lives. I recommend that my clients keep a link or two of funny videos on their phone. When something upsets them at work or at home, or if they are stressed, frustrated or unable to be creative, it is time to watch a funny video!

  1. Create Hope & Be Grateful for Everything

A small crack in the door is sometimes all that is required to turn any situation in our personal or professional lives around. My mother—a wise woman—always told me to be grateful for everything in life, things I would consider both good and bad. When we are grateful, we project a different kind of energy that invites the universe to contribute to our situation and us. Grateful people are fun to be around, and if people sense this in you, they will want to do business with you!

  1. Go beyond the History Book

Any moment other than the present is the past. Anything in your life or business prior to this present moment is the past. The past is for the history books. You can be the one who controls if and when the history book is opened. The choice is yours: move forward or go back into history. Do you prefer to live in the past, or will you live your present which creates the future?

Remember— limitations are only perceptions inside your mind, they are not real!

You really CAN create anything your heart desires!