February 19, 2018 by *Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl
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Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show

The bills for our holiday purchases have come due now. How many of you gasped and thought I need to make more money? Well, there is the possibility of creating additional streams of income using what you are really good at. My guest Laleh Hancock and I will be exploring this subject.

I have been playing with ideas for some time now and, until recently, was stuck in making them a reality. There were so many reasons for not starting. What should or could I choose to make money with? What if I am not good enough, known enough, etc? What if I do not get any clients, buyers? With all these points of view, it was no wonder that I did not succeed in the tentative attempts. Let’s explore what will actually work.

Laleh is a conscious parent, seasoned executive and life-long entrepreneur. She is committed, in both her professional and personal life, to inspiring and empowering others to recognize greater potential in themselves and create profound wellness in their bodies and lives.

Laleh boasts nearly 30 years’ experience in operational excellence, cultural change, and personal and corporate wellness. She has inspired and empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals, businesses, executives, families, athletes and veterans, and believes that, through the curiosity of questions and the use of pragmatic tools, every person can have wellness in all facets of their life.

Laleh is an ardent change-agent and a committed benevolent capitalist, with a desire to bring global wellness to the forefront of everyone’s awareness. She maintains that creating and maintaining wellness is not just easier than many expect, it can also be a lot of fun.

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