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In this world, control can be a valued commodity.  We learn how to control so many things in order to create the result we would like to have in our lives and in our businesses. And yet, control can actually be incredibly destructive. 

What if there were so much more available to you and your business beyond what you can imagine right now?  When you are willing to go beyond control with business, you step in to a space of creativity and innovation that few are willing to have.

Join Heather Nichols and Laleh Hancock for a conversation of what is truly possible when you approach business from the edge of innovation, where control might just stop your business from being as brilliant as it can be. Fellow radio show host, Laleh Alemzadeh – Hancock is a seasoned executive, an entrepreneur, a transformational coach, a life-changing speaker, a certified facilitator and practitioner of various best practices and tools. For over 20 years, Laleh has dedicated her career and personal life to inspiring and empowering individuals and organizations who desire more. Has life always been easy for Laleh? No. Laleh has not allowed a revolution in her former birth country, a divorce, financial, caregiving, or business challenges to slow her down. However, every challenge in her life created opportunities for creating something better and grander.

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Today, Laleh has an honoring and loving marriage, she is the president of two businesses, mother of two brilliant and caring young ladies, and spends her time partnering with individuals and businesses around the globe to create change and infinite possibilities in their lives and the world. To learn more about Laleh and her services, #heathernichols