America’s Leading Ladies: Stories of Courage, Challenge and Triumph is a beautiful collaborative effort of 50 women with a heart and vision to make the world a better place under the guidance of Pat Sampson. It is available on Amazon and you may also pre-order your print copy from an author.

Today’s author reveal is Laleh Hancock.

A seasoned executive, life-long entrepreneur, CEO of Belapemo, President of Global Wellness For All, and conscious parent, Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock dedicates her career and personal life to inspiring and empowering people to exponentially grow their lives and businesses.

In the last 30 years, Laleh has built top-notch and successful consulting firms, service organizations and product companies.What makes Laleh’s leadership and her companies unique is their ability to partner with clients to turn every scenario from“that is impossible” to “everything is possible”. The mountain may, at first, appear intimidating; however, once you realize it is not more significant than you, it can be overcome and conquered. The next question will be, “What else is possible that you have not even imagined?”

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Also note, her name is pronounced La – Lay and I incorrectly pronounced it Lay La during the interview.

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