Frequency – Creation of Your Life and Business

Online from any phone or computer!
What if we have more gratitude for the day and set the frequency for tomorrow?
Join Laleh and special guest leaders in a program unlike any other!
Filled with tools and resources from different practices, a partnership with nature,
the molecules in the universe and the energy of you.
FREQUENCY – Creation of your life and business for now and the future.
Program starts November 12th. 
Second month of the program starts on December 17.
You can purchase the program monthly or for a six-months period.
Would your life and/or business benefit if you came to play?

1. Month of the Frequency Program Starts 12. November 2020. - 300 $

2. Month of the Frequency Program -Frequency of Receiving Starts 17. December 2020. - 300 $

Register for six months program & save 300 $

Pay Monthly Subscription - 300 $ for 6 months

You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. 

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