Being The Catalyst of Change

What does leadership mean to you? Think beyond the boundaries of what you have been told traditional leadership means.  What if it is not only being a manager or a Vice President? What if it can be a person of any age with a vision of something greater and he or she will do whatever it takes to make it real?

If you were that leader, what would you desire to create?  The target of the Leaders of Tomorrow program is to empower people of all ages and backgrounds to acknowledge their current abilities and skills, and develop the necessary leadership skills to bring to life their dreams for a better tomorrow.

There are many Leaders of Tomorrow workshops available for seasoned leaders, emerging leaders, next generation, veterans and intergenerational.  Contact Us to learn more.  

Next Generation (Ages 8-30)

The youth of today are not the same as the previous generations. Not only did they grow up with technology, but knowing that the world is limitless. They have the passion and ability to know what they desire to create in the world and will not let anything stop them from their achievements. They know that potential barriers to entry or starting their work exist, but they do not allow these elements to to slow them down. Our program is dedicated to empowering the youth to bring to life their dreams for a better tomorrow. A sampling of the programs include:

Veterans and Program for Wounded Warriors

Veterans of all eras have extensive experience and knowledge. Their adaptability, perseverance, self-motivation, and creative problem solving skills makes them an asset to any environment. Their military training prepares them to be leaders, helps them identify the talents inherently in their unit and to develop those talents to enable their team to succeed. The Leaders of Tomorrow program provides an environment for the Veterans to leverage their military training while also develop new skills, explore innovative ideas, ask the questions that have not been asked and create ways to become the catalyst of change in the evolving business environment.

Emerging Leaders – Corporations & Not-For-Profits

Are you eager to learn? Do you want to influence beyond your current role? Do you have the aspiration take on more leadership responsibilities? Is now the time to be the catalyst of change in your life and career?

A sampling of the program includes:

· The Beginning: Are Conscious Leaders Born or Made?
· How to be an Effective and Inspiring Leader

Sponsorship & Mentorship

Sponsorship: Belapemo works with corporate and not-for-profit organizations to develop a partnership program that meets their individual needs and capacity. To be a Sponsor of Belapemo’s Leaders of Tomorrow program,…