Becoming a Leading Lady

Becoming a Leading Lady 

What if we can create a more Beautiful and Kinder World and Celebrate the Uniqueness of US! 

Sometimes it seems as if this reality is so much greater than us and we are weak.  What if that is actually not true? 

Did you ever stumble, fall and get up again? Well then beautiful, You are a Leader.

You: Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, no matter what you have labeled you to be right now, what if you could achieve anything you ever dreamed of?  It can start with one request, one prayer, one wish. That ́s how everything always got started….

Is now the time to make your dream come true?

Are you a student? Stay at home mom? A single lady? An employee? An owner? Well then, You are a Leader!

And yes, all we sometimes require is a little Inspiration, tools and resources and a supportive environment to kickstart our creativity and Run. Let ́s BE IT! Because we can!

Let ́s create a world of communion like Mother Earth, where there is support, kindness, and empowerment from all.  

What would it be like to have a world filled with Leading Ladies from all walks of life inspiring and empowering each other? A world where You can be all of You with no apologies?

Is it time to stop doubting YOU! No more waiting beautiful You!

Let ́s empower each other with Being a Leading Lady in Business and Life, a mother, a Sister, a Wife, a single Lady, a magician, coach, facilitator, a CEO and so much more.

YES YOU! You can Do it!

We invite you to the Becoming A Leading Lady Club! 

The Club is full of tools and resources from America’s Leading Ladies Book, Mother Earth & Nature, and Resources from Laleh Hancock’s 30+ years of business and her favorite tools. (Access Consciousness, Joy of Business, and Being You) 


You have the choice of three different Club programs:

 Awareness Level:    USD 30/mth

Private Facebook Group:  Daily tools, activities, quotes, etc.

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Empowered Level:     USD 150/mth

Private Facebook Group:  Daily tools, activities, quotes, etc. 

America’s Leading Ladies eBook 

Monthly Zoom with Laleh

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VIP Level:     USD 500/mth

Private Facebook Group: Daily tools, activities, quotes, etc. 

America’s Leading Ladies eBook 

Monthly Zoom with Laleh

Special Pricing Sessions with Laleh 

Access to special guests with expertise around monthly themes

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